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by James Osborne from JCO Home Maintenance Service
We cover most trades as we know your property is your home. But over the many years of happy times the interior and exterior paint can start to show wear in particular external paints or stains that start to break down and let the elements in will degrade timber and metal and if left unchecked could end up costing a fortune.

Wooden Windows and doors that let the weather in will start to break down the timber and allow mould and fungicide to grow which in turn will penetrant deeper into the timber and under the painted surface allowing more of the elements to carry out damage, here and JCO Home Maintenance Service there is only one way to rescue and remedy this worrying problem.

We can cut and splice out rotten timber and replace with either treated timber mechanical held in place via a range of fixings as well as using strong waterproof adhesive or a permanent resin based filler that can also be used on listed buildings. We have seen it time and time again where an inadequate repair or a surface has not been prepped to a professional standard and which doesn’t meet the paint or stain manufacture spec therefore failure will occur very soon after the job is complete.

We don’t just want it to look good on completion but for it to look good year after year, we achieve this by treating all bare timber, resealing glass to the sashes or doors via the appropriate sealant and also following the manufacturers drying times to ensure the product is at its best performance, making sure all loose or failed paint/ is removed in some cases back to bare timber, using a range of different grit sand paper to smooth out and blend it before paining, we also help achieve this by using the appropriate primers, under coats and topcoats.

In most cases we also treat for fungicide and mildew with the right wood treatment as to kill off this unwanted growth and if not then all the prep is a waste of time and the final finish will fail quickly and this is not acceptable to our customers as it can cause stress and upset. We don’t just look after our customers’ homes but we look after you as well by providing a trustworthy friendly service. We even bring food treats for your pets as we know they are part of your family.

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