Advice from the Professionals


We are proud to have the opportunity to share these great training and skills videos from Paint Like a Pro

Hi I’m Barry Mason and I’m passionate about all things to do with painting and decorating. When Lucas gave me the opportunity to work with them as part of their plans for their new innovative online Lucas Training Academy Programme I jumped at the chance and I am now able to fulfill my life’s ambition of sharing my skills, knowledge and experience to inspire others into this great profession working with a cutting edge, forward thinking organization that have an excellent reputation and have painted some of the world’s most iconic buildings spanning six decades..

What attracted me to Lucas is that they are a company that have an aligned vision with my own and that is to never stand still and to take the painting and decorating profession way into the future, with innovation whilst sharing their passion and belief with everybody.

As a fully qualified painting and decorating lecturer and having been in the profession for over 32 years, I am proud to be the evangelist of the Lucas message via my Brush Up With Barry Series where I will show you how to “paint like a pro”, sharing tips and advice on how to get that best finish using professional techniques, tools and materials.

I hope you enjoy and learn and please feel free to ask questions and share anything with me via my social media links.