Finding a Great Decorator

Choosing a decorator should be a fairly straightforward operation, right? Anyone can paint can’t they?

A brush, roller and dust sheet from the local DIY store and you’re in business. This is normally where things start to go wrong. Over the 40 years I’ve been painting I’ve seen far too many instances of shoddy work which if it was done correctly in the first place would not take long to do, or cost a lot of money but  can sometimes cost £1000’s to put right if done incorrectly. 

This blog will hopefully help you find a great painter.

The issues with exterior painting and decorating

I like many other professional painters and decorators take on many exterior jobs from the month of April to October.

Some jobs are great and some jobs are……… Well – plain awful, here’s my insight into what is great about exterior work and what is bad.

Firstly the good – it’s great having a nice early start in the morning with the sounds of the birds chirping and the sunshine on your back and to make it even more enjoyable is that the client you are working for has maintained over the years all their external woodwork and masonry and the job is a refresh and goes well, these days this is rare!!

How to Spot a Cowboy Builder and Save Money

How to Spot a Cowboy Builder and Save Money

Upgrading your home is both an exciting and nerve-racking process. You have decided what areas need improving, have spent time planning your refurbishments, and you might even have a specific image in your head of what you want the end result to look like. 

However, there is often the fear that, for whatever reason, the outcome will not live up to your expectations. Frequent stories about contractors leaving homeowners with unfinished work or disastrous renovations do not help and can even put people off undertaking a project in the first place. According to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), the UK economy misses out on £10bn every year because homeowners are afraid of hiring the wrong contractors. To avoid disappointment, they would rather not commission building work at all.